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I'M A CELEBRITY star Jimmy White poses for a picture with evil hammer killer Levi Bellfield.

Our extraordinary photo was taken at a club where Bellfield, an obsessive fan of the snooker legend, dealt cocaine.

Jimmy, now 47, had no idea that his smirking admirer was a criminal who would go on to bludgeon two women to death, try to murder a third and become a suspect in the unsolved murder of schoolgirl Millie Dowler, 13.

When the picture was taken at a London snooker hall 13 years ago Jimmy - nicknamed the Whirlwind - was at the height of his career.

Hulking Bellfield - sentenced last year to stay in jail until he dies - was then a 28-year-old bouncer. The black-coated thug used his job on the doors of a string of clubs to deal in cocaine.

When Jimmy began dropping in the snooker hall in 1996 to relax, Bellfield quickly latched on to the unsuspecting star. The six-times world championship finalist was unaware his besotted new fan was a drug dealer. A former close pal of Bellfield who knew of his fascination with Jimmy said: "Jimmy used to play pool and beat everyone.

Levi was quite a good player himself. The two seemed to get on quite well.

"It was an open secret Levi was dealing cocaine.

I don't think PALS: With Ronnie Jimmy knew about it though. Jimmy knew nothing of his criminal background and just thought he was the typical geezer you find in snooker halls."

When Jimmy stopped going in the club, his life and Bellfield.'s took dramatically different paths. Jimmy - pals with snooker world champ Ronnie O'Sullivan and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood - blew £4million earnings on booze and gambling.

Now a reformed character, he has quietly become a favourite to win I'm A Celebrity Meanwhile Bellfield, now 41, brags to other convicts in Wakefield top-security prison, West Yorks, how he once knew the snooker king.

Bellfield, sentenced to a whole life term last year, had parted company with Jimmy seven years before he murdered Marsha McDonnell, 19, and Amelie Delagrange, 22, in south-west London.

Last night Jimmy White's manager was unavailable for comment


Postby Roland

Did I mention that this jungle programme is tv trash which feeds tabloid trash? I saw this headline when in a service station yesterday and it didn't surprise me and I didn't buy the newspaper and I don't care.