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The Eurosport Player

Postby SnookerFan

Anybody ever use this? In a few weeks I have to relocate to another flat, and to cut a long story short, I don't know if I'll be able to get Eurosport or not. If not, is the Eurosport player any good? I don't know if I can live a season without the Eurosport snooker tournaments. How does everybody rate the service over the Eurosport website?

Re: The Eurosport Player

Postby Madz

No problem with watching the streams, good quality. It's usually without commentary when it's not going live on TV, but I quite enjoy not listening to the dreadful commentary I get on russian Eurosport here.
There once was a problem with my password not working though, but the support service sorted all out pretty quick.

Re: The Eurosport Player

Postby Roland

Televised snooker without commentary :bowdown: