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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Postby Noel

Word Up. Revolution.

Snooker is undergoing massive change and and it isn't evolutionary.
That's what's happening right now as we sleep.
And the media figures HUGELY in it.
What's goin'on is like this seminal black poetry/rap piece, itself revolutionary, by Gil Scott Heron.

This isn't personal it's business. Nothing left to chance. The first order is Law & Order.
Even the World Champion is disposable. Higgins and Mooney are the first heads to roll.
Call it a "Reign of Terror" if you wish.
We will only get to hear and see and know what we are supposed to... and be left to fear the unknown.
This is a tried and true political tactic and whomever setup the NOTW "revelations" might get a war medal.
When this Story was first leaked soon after David Douglas was appointed Hearn's Hitman, I posted this up
and as every next chapter unfolds it seems more apt... John and Pat are pilloried. The guy overseeing it
all on the horse is Barry. We are the rabble gathering around to mock and jeer, and some to weep...


Notice that in the PTC outline there is NO mention of TV nor web-streaming, let alone Live Scoring nor even live audience.
Notice too that with the pair out of contention, WSS ceases to play a part in any way in the march of the snooker machine.
I don't mean to be sceptical, ok I do, but when Hearn said "“We must not sponsor mediocrity – we should reward excellence”
the writing was on the wall, just not televised. He really meant "Make me (snooker) money or you're gone".
And by "you" he was referring to too many players to support on the Main Tour. To tournaments that don't pay their own way. To even rules and traditions of snooker that don't attract a paying audience =Power Snooker.

And the line of least resistance to revolution is by not televising it.

Any non-personal attack type comments welcome!



Re: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Postby Witz78

This whole list of "Fundamental characteristics" are just an initial blueprint that was drawn up for the PTC.

Many of these things have been superceded already anyway now the tour is underway.

Item 1
Item 7
Item 9
Item 10
and Item 11 are all no longer exactly as described in the Fundemental characteristics so just because theres no mention of TV coverage, that doesnt mean to say it wont happen.

This blueprint was drawn up at an early date so it would have been foolish to make promises which may prove to be false, so get off Hearns back and support his revolution. Dunno why so many people see the need to pick out flaws in everything, this is the first season of the PTC and it will evolve over time, given the chance. More snooker is better !!!