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Semi Final 2

Poll ended at 15 Aug 2021

Jordan Brown wins the Welsh Open
McGill beats O’Sullivan at the WC
Total votes : 13

SI’s Favourite Moment of 20/21: Semi Final 2

Postby Iranu

Welcome to the second semi final in Snooker Island’s Favourite Moment of the 2020-2021 season!

This match features:

Jordan Brown winning the Welsh Open
When Yan Bingtao beat John Higgins to win The Masters, Jordan Brown looked on and said, “You think that’s good?”

Nobody really thought Brown would beat O’Sullivan. A spirited effort ending in proud failure was the most that anyone thought he could do. We were wrong. Brown held his nerve magnificently in the deciding frame, strutting rather than falling over the line in what must go down as one of the biggest shock final results in snooker history.


Anthony McGill beats Ronnie O’Sullivan in the World Championship despite a thrilling Ronnie fightback
When Ronnie O’Sullivan came storming back at Anthony McGill at the World Championships with a series of frankly ridiculous shots, it seemed almost inevitable that the 6-time champion would complete the comeback and leave McGill with another heartbreaking World Championship scar.

But one poor positional shot paired with a tremendous display of bottle from McGill transformed the inevitable into the supremely ‘evitable’. The lowest seed remaining, ranked just 11, this entry has already defeated the 6th and 8th seeds. Can it, like McGill himself, pull off a huge upset here?

Happy voting!