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QFs Match 3

Poll ended at 08 Aug 2021

Crowds return for the Crucible
Chengdu’s rankings thread
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SI’s Favourite Moment of 20/21: QFs Match 3

Postby Iranu

Welcome to match 3 in the quarter final stage of the Snooker Island’s Favourite Moment of the 2020-2021 Season tournament!

This match features:

Crowds return for the World Snooker Championship


Chengdufan’s rankings thread

The only quarter final not to feature an on-table performance is also perhaps the most intriguing. What will prevail - the catharsis of a symbolic return to some normalcy after a global event? Or a personal, longterm fan endeavour of truly epic proportions that many would say improves on the existing official system?

Happy voting!

Re: SI’s Favourite Moment of 20/21: QFs Match 3

Postby Iranu

I’ve gone for the crowds returning. After a year of silence, poorly-timed artificial crowd noises and deafening silence in the midst of tension-drenched finals, hearing the Crucible final crowd erupt was a perfect end to a season that looking back feels like a fever dream. But I wish Chengdu’s thread had a different draw.

Re: SI’s Favourite Moment of 20/21: QFs Match 3

Postby Prop

I watched some of the 2020 Worlds last night. It dawned on me immediately how soulless things were before crowds came back. We had to get used to it, and for a long time it was normal, almost becoming more palatable, but deep down we all knew the heart of our game was missing.

Chengdufan has clearly put tremendous work and countless hours into his rankings timeline. It’s an absolute gem of a creation. It kind of feels wrong to put that against something in a category so different, and it was difficult to choose.

The crowds just edge it for me.