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Is Judd a Tinpot Terminator?

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Re: Judd Trump: Tinpot Terminator?

Postby Dreaded Double Kiss

Confirmed his status as one of the greatest players we've ever seen with that display in the final against Higgins in 2019 - I've never seen anything like that, really. Best performance I've witnessed given the stage, opponent and length of the match.

Has been a tremendously consistent winner and world number once since then but I am a little perplexed by how relatively quiet he's been in the Triple Crown events since then. But little doubt in my mind he'll win at the Crucible again before he's done and rack up some more BBC events.

Re: Judd Trump: Tinpot Terminator?

Postby Dragonfly

I voted no, because he has won the triple crown. Having said that he clearly needs to improve his record in the biggest events. He has won them, so he can do it. I'm actually struggling to figure out why his world champion record is so poor in relation to his ability.

He clearly has the talent. Does he underestimate opponents. Does he lose his bottle. He shouldn't as he does know how to win. I really don't know.

His commentary was good though. He has a relaxing speaking voice. Not grating like Hamilton!

Re: Judd Trump: Tinpot Terminator?

Postby Reg Varney

5 ranking events this season, 6 last, yet nothing in the Worlds, UK, Tour Championship, Masters or Clash of Champions again.

Re: Judd Trump: Tinpot Terminator?

Postby KrazeeEyezKilla

Of the 15 tournaments he's won in the last three seasons seven of them came in three events, the NI Open, German Masters & Gibraltar Open. The other eight had two Triple Crown, three ITV plus two Chinese tournaments and an English Open.

Re: Judd Trump: Tinpot Terminator?

Postby Granite

Imo he is. Selby wins far more bigger tournaments than Judd does.

Judd has 22 ranking tournaments. Selby has 20. Let's look at some conversion rates.

World championship = 1/22 vs 4/20 = 4.5% vs 20%
Triple Crowns = 2/22 vs 6/20 = 9% vs 30%

Then there's all those big china tournaments Selby was winning before there is more quality to Selby's haul than Trump's.

Even Selby leads at the Masters 3 vs 1.