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Happy Birthday!

Postby acesinc

To the true GOAT, on the 120th anniversary of his birth, Happy Birthday, Joe Davis!

A snooker friend of mine once posited that as an homage, World Snooker should FINALLY begin the tradition that the start of pomp and circumstance at the Crucible should always begin on this, the 15th day of April. I fully support that sentiment, and I hope that perhaps others may also so that April 15th, Joe Davis Day, is forever etched into the collective memories of snooker fans everywhere.

Many talk of how Snooker would not be what it is without the likes of Alex Higgins or without Ronnie O'Sullivan both of whom arguably changed the way the game is perceived. The truth is that without Joe Davis, Snooker very well simply may not BE at all! It could well still just be a simple pastime for hustlers and roustabouts in smoke-filled working mens' clubs and pubs. Instead, built upon Joe's bedrock foundation, Snooker has gone on to produce more revenue and player millionaires than any other cue sport in history.

So I hope others join me in saying Happy Birthday, Joe, and thanks!