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Re: Keep an eye on Wu Yize next season

Postby Holden Chinaski

SnookerFan wrote:
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SnookerFan wrote:GTOAT?

Yes, this is the greatest thread of all time.

You're the greatest tool of all time.

I know you are but what am I?

Re: Keep an eye on Wu Yize next season

Postby lhpirnie

Yes he's just won through from the Chinese Q School, along with Zhang Jiankang and two more players who will qualify on Friday. He reminds me of a young Thepchaiya Un-nooh, and heavily promoted by CBSA and some local Lanzhou sponsors. He's from Gansu Privince which hasn't had such a strong player before. His style is similar to a young Thepchaiya Un-nooh. You can find videos on Youtube and Weibo of him making 147's in under 5 mins. He's also a former student of Roger Leighton, who coached Bai Langning and Chang Bingyu, who have had interesting weeks themselves.