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Maguire and his career

Postby Andre147 ... LtlPOX_iME

Good article with Maguire, pretty much what I think of his career. He definately should have won the World title in 2007, don't think he'd have lost to a still learning his stride Mark Selby.

Kinda disagree on him saying it makes no difference not having reached the World Final... well it does, otherwise we could easily say it's the same losing first round or the Final. Yes you're still a loser, but making a Final takes more effort than losing first round or even the Semis, like he done twice. I would rather he not blown that 14-10 lead but still lost in the Final to Selby, but obviously that's my opinion and I respect his of course.

But all in all, he knows deep down 2007 was the one that got away, more than 2012.

Re: Maguire and his career

Postby mick745

I rather think he should have done more with his career, maybe won as many ranking events as say Selby or Robertson with the level of talent he has.

When he burst onto the scene winning the uk in the manner he did he had everything in front of him, it just didnt quite happen whatever the reason.

Had a good career though none the less.

I just wish he was more likeable on the table rather than coming across as so dour though.

Re: Maguire and his career

Postby SnookerEd25

SnookerFan wrote:
Running side wrote:Why are most world champions lean and mean?

Mark Williams say hi.


Re: Maguire and his career

Postby Running side

Good example mark,Ronnie, selby, Judd,hendry, Davis never had a chip butty in years.

Re: Maguire and his career

Postby Dragonfly

I must say I like Maguire and enjoy watching him play. He is a bit moody and temperamental but I like that. It's good to see players showing emotion.

He should have won more for someone with his ability. But I guess he just isn't the serial winner type. He's had a decent career. Hope he plays to his best at the Crucible this year. He's a threat to anyone on his day.

Re: Maguire and his career

Postby HappyCamper

Stephen Maguire wrote:I’ve got a wee bar in the garden and luckily enough it was, well not a good day, but a good day for Scotland – it was dry,

good lad.