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Mjolnir Trick Shot Video

Postby Carnagepooltricks

Hey, I got my niece Thor's hammer for her birthday so did a quick 9 ball trick shot video if there are any Marvel fans out there. Video link below.

I also did a quick video of the Titanic trick shot which is 15 balls in one shot (that includes the white) which is below here.

Does anyone know (without google) what the most balls potted in one shot is?


Re: Mjolnir Trick Shot Video

Postby Carnagepooltricks

Hey Dan-cat! I can do a quick tutorial video if you like, it consist of two shots. The first one is the butterfly which is the six ball cluster in the middle. The second shot is reme's 8 in one. That involves the two balls touching the white and the four over the middle, two additional balls are normally placed further down the table but as the butterfly is in the way they are placed over the back two corner pockets. You can add another two balls over the far corner pockets as well for 16 but that does make it a bit more tricky to get right. Normally I set up the butterfly, get that right, then do Reme's 8 in one, get that set right and then combine the two.