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Re: Playing snooker pro

Postby Prop

I’ve played Dennis, and Murphy. I got hammered both times (and was hammered in beer terms against Murphy). I actually played a bit better against Murphy, but probably only made a 20 or something.

Dennis was great fun. Always cracking jokes. Apparently the same jokes he used decades ago, as well. One was about Terry Waite <laugh>

Murphy was good. Did a Q&A after the snooker and came across as a very decent guy.

We’ve also had Jimmy on one occasion (he was mardy as hell) and Ronnie, who made a 144 IIRC, didn’t say much, then sat signing stuff afterwards. The club was rammed for that one.

Apparently the gaffer was in talks with Selby, but that was over a year ago and before the world went mad.

Re: Playing snooker pro

Postby Running side

Personally, played David Taylor at pontins holiday camp, got to final, poor standard. Remember cleaning staff told to clean match table, starting with dust pan and brush and finishing with vac. Taylor really nice guy and played well considering conditions, gave me 50,playing snookers and refusing pots he decided to smash them up and made a 70. Spent 30 minutes doing a bit of coaching, good tips.