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Let's get to the bottom of this, "best" vs "greatest" ever

Postby Acé

What is the distinction between "best" and "greatest" ever?

I've seen these 2 words used interchangeably to describe Ronnie, for example Hendry and recently Higgins said he's the "best ever" but don't use the word "greatest", unless I'm wrong, I know Hendry has never used the word "greatest" to describe ROS, correct me wrong if Higgins has used it before but after the Players Champs win he said "best ever"

what is the distinction exactly? and if there is a difference what is it?

I don't get it if you're the "best ever" surely that's the same as "greatest ever" how can you be the best, if you aren't the greatest? :chin:

Re: Let's get to the bottom of this, "best" vs "greatest" ev

Postby mick745

Being the greatest encompasses the whole package e.g. how you conduct yourself - i would define it as "likeability" or whether others would want to be you. How much respect you command i suppose.

For instance Roger Federer is the greatest for me, not only brilliant to watch but also extremely likeable and a person people look up to. Transcends sport.

David Beckham would be another i would put in the category. Usain Bolt also.

It is different to how many trophies won, almost indefinable.

By my definition Steve Davis would probably be the greatest.