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Re: Snooker On A Welsh Hillside

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SteveJJ wrote:
vodkadiet1 wrote:And I thought there was only ever a punctured bicycle on a hillside!

That's only on the desolate ones


Re: Snooker On A Welsh Hillside

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You can feel the tension between Ray and Cliff,always thought it must have been difficult for Cliff to play his natural game in serious mode, great characters.

Re: Snooker On A Welsh Hillside

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As they mentioned here, meetings between Ray and Cliff were keenly followed in the town. It was funny that Ray always came out on top in the Welsh Amateur Championship - he won the title six times, but Cliff generally won when they met in the Welsh Section qualifying for the English Amateur Championship. It was in the competition proper at Burroughes Hall, Soho Square, London, that Wilson really made a name for himself with a wider snooker audience. Word of his lightning attacking play spread rapidly and the Hall would be packed for every session.