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World Snooker - Shot of the Championship 1987

Postby shanew48

I think that the the best shot is Shot A - Hendry, because it was a difficult pot from under the cushion but also because he would have probably left it if he missed it and with the green being over the pocket would have most probably lost the frame , followed closely in 2nd by foulds shot F and another thing, I think Jimmy overhit his shot? or was he playing to hit the ball before it came to rest? I think not personally, what does everyone think on the above observations? ... 2TVArchive

Re: World Snooker - Shot of the Championship 1987

Postby vodkadiet1

The shot I remember most was the last shot of the 16th frame between Johnson and Hendry. Johnson was 9-6 up and looking for a 10-6 overnight lead. It was all on the final black and Johnson was tucked under the side cushion with the black adjacent about 3 foot away. It was a diifcult black and Johnson slotted it home. However, he then watched in horror as the cue ball came across the table and just reached the left hand black pocket.

Clive Everton's commentary was memorable. He waited for the shot to be played and for the cue ball to fall in the pocket, and as soon as it fell in the pocket Everton delivered the coup de grace: "Joe Johnson....LOSES... the last frame of the evening and now only leads 9-7 overnight. He won't sleep well tonight!"