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Re: On the subject of bottle.

Postby gallantrabbit

Dragonfly wrote:Ebdon. At his peak had nerves of solid steel. He missed a sitter that allowed Hendry to level at 17-17 in their final. Then put the shock behind him and coolly made frame and match winning break in the decider

Good call on Ebdon. Peter was great at big pressure pots but he did twitch badly in that 34th and I'm not sure he's have actually made the clearance in one.
I think the interesting thing is we're not considering the impossible clearance with 4 reds on the side rails, but more an everyday dish where "he just has to hold himself together...". Just!!!

Re: On the subject of bottle.

Postby shanew48

Iranu wrote:
gallantrabbit wrote:
Iranu wrote:Doherty?

Good call. In his prime quite possibly.

I say it mostly based on the fact that he beat Hendry, Ronnie, Higgins and Williams in finals to win four of his six rankers. How many players can say that? Including ending Hendry’s Crucible dominance which must have carried immense pressure.

If Hendry pots that red down the cushion which would have made the score 16 or 15 -13 then I think he would have gone on to probably win? his dominance would of course have ended at some point anyway but just not that year vs Doherty.

Re: On the subject of bottle.

Postby badtemperedcyril

Griffiths in the 1979 WC made no end of frame winning clearances from 40 or 50 behind. Going further back into the black and white era, John Pulman, though not a consistent big break maker, was renowned for his counter punching at the end of frames and for his ability to pull off pressure pots at crucial moments. In more recent years, I’d put my money on Hendry, Ronnie, Higgins and Selby above all others. 17-17 in a WC final? I’m not so sure I’d fancy Trump.