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What happened to these players?

Postby Raziel

Just a few players I remember from the past. Anyone know what they are doing now?

Bob Harris
Joe O'Boye
David Gray
Kevin Ashby
David Roe
Steve James

Just for information, the last time I saw David Gray was many years ago when he puked up and fell off his stool in a basement night club in Plylmouth. I think he had alcohol problems. I hope he is OK now.

Thanks to anyone who replies. :-)

Re: What happened to these players?

Postby SnookerEd25

David Roe did coach the Iranian team a decade or so ago, and made quite a commitment to them... :shock: ... -roe-coach

I bow to Reg Varney's more recent knowledge of him now doing similar in Hong Kong, but do wonder if he can claim any credit for the emergence of Hossein Vafaei and / or Soheil Vahedi from his Iranian job... :chin:

Last I heard, a few years ago, David Gray was training to become a croupier (reported in the Mitcham & Morden Guardian - David is from the latter), and last competed in Q-school in 2013

Re: What happened to these players?

Postby SnookerEd25

Dragonfly wrote:I think Steve James was a bit too keen on the booze as well.

Yes, I think you're right, which led to serious implications because he was diabetic also; had to miss some tournaments due to kidney problems.

He last played pro' in 2006, but there is footage on YouTube of an exhibition he did in 2013 with Tony Knowles and Jason Weston and he looks alright here :

Certainly somewhat slimmer than in his playing days, so hopefully he overcame any issues and is enjoying a healthy retirement. <ok>

Re: What happened to these players?

Postby Raziel

Alex0paul wrote:Which nightclub in Plymouth?

I can't remember the name of it. We went there some years ago after the British Open snooker tournament was held at the Plymouth Pavillions. All I remember is that it was in some sort of basement.

Most of the snooker players were in there. The ones I definitely remember being there were David Gray, Willie Thorne, Alan McManus and Joe Perry. Ronnie O'Sullivan played in the tournament, but I did not see him in the night club.

That's about all I remember.