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The Snooker Shootout... Introduces!

Postby LDS

If there's one thing the Snooker Shootout is good for, its for providing the first bit of televisual fame for a whole raft of very obscure players. This thread will have a look at those potentials of the future and give a bit of additional hype to their brief five minutes of fame.

Criteria for selection: They don't even have a Wikipedia page yet & they won their match.

Day 1

1. Declan Lavery

At first glance one might be mistaken for thinking Tony Meo had taken up a cue again, but, no, this is Declan Lavery, who, at second glance, seems more like that guy who sliced up a fish for you at Morrisons the last time you went there.

It wasn't an over-convincing performance but there was some really nice top quality pots at the closing stages of the match to help defeat the more confident looking Steve Hallworth:

2. Connor Benzey

Ah, a gorgeous young fella who still has those cheek-pinchingly fresh faced features of someone who's still learning the ropes. Upon further watching one gets the sense that he's one of those guys who's probably already got a relatively stunning girlfriend and probably used to mildly bully the book nerds at school.

A surprisingly strong display here and his confidence and steadiness around the table belied his age, making hasty Judd Trump comparisons almost inevitable. Or is it shades of Jimmy? Just without the long-potting it seems. He kept the seasoned Stuart Carrington well caged for most of the match:

3. Ian Martin

Now this guy makes Neil Robertson seem small by comparison. He looks like the kind of guy who goes out and catches the fish that Lavery butchers. He's probably on shore leave and just having a bash at the snooker nets for some R&R. Someone who is delighted by the current sea shanty fad and was probably in a few of the viral videos of them.

Not an overly convincing display early on with quite a lot of really poor positional shots, but as you'd expect, quite a confident and powerful potter. Once he had control of the frame he never really looked like losing it, making the equally obscure but very unequally heighted Robbie McGuigan seem even smaller:

Re: The Snooker Shootout... Introduces!

Postby LDS

Day 2:

Is much less interesting than Day 1, even though a whopping 5 people qualified for this thread. It's less exciting as none of their matches are available on Youtube for linking purposes. Well, a couple are, but they're seizure inducing so I'd recommend not watching them, particularly if you have any conditions.

I'll edit in any vids if any become available at some point. Likewise, I'll forego the humour and general descriptions as there's no visual reference but add that later if a vid pops up.

4. Hamim Hussain

5. Saqib Nasir

6. Dylan Emery

7. Sean Harvey

8. Haydon Pinhey

Re: The Snooker Shootout... Introduces!

Postby chengdufan

I watched recorded versions of all the first round matches yesterday. I'm watching the second round today and am up to Hicks v Ian Martin.

I love the descriptions LDS. Very imaginative :-)

Sean Harvey looks about 40 but I'd never heard of him before. He played very well indeed in his first match. He seemingly qualified for this by winning just 2 matches in q school this year :chuckle:

Re: The Snooker Shootout... Introduces!

Postby LDS

<laugh> Yeah, with these guys it's pretty much a sure thing that snooker isn't their full-time job, so it's fun randomly speculating what they might do for a living based entirely on the cut'o'thier'jib.

Day 3:

Those making it to the last 32 are:

1. Declan Lavery

2. Ian Martin

3. Hamim Hussain

4. Haydon Pinhey

Again, I'll have a hunt for vids again tonight.
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