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A Snooker Masse Trick Shot

Postby Carnagepooltricks

Hey, here's one of Eric Yow's creations on a Snooker Table. ... uWvNUvApNc

Eric is an American Pool Trick Shot player. He came up with quite a few masse shots with his video "Masse insanity" about 14 years ago on Youtube.

My own masse cue is a Eric Yow masse cue and a couple of my friends use that cue too (Andy Segal and Gabi Visoiu are both World Champions and use this cue, it's pretty inexpensive too) A masse cue is slightly wider than a standard American pool cue, shorter (which helps for low ceilings and pool lights) and typically heavier. As such you can use more force and get more spin on the ball. My current tip is a sniper which is awful for these types of shots but it does work, will be switching back to a kamui soon I think.