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Re: Ronnie's cue action!

Postby Reg Varney

Prop wrote:
Reg Varney wrote:I want one on Stephen Lee's "Rolls Royce" cue action.

Your video, sir. It’s not Break From Life, though. Sorry.


Nice one. It really is a glorious action.

Had forgotten what big fella Stephen was though.

Re: Ronnie's cue action!

Postby lhpirnie

Yes, there's even more unorthodoxy in Ronnie's cue action than explained in the video. People often say that Jack Lisowski is similar, and I can see some similarity in stance and physique, but not so much in terms of delivery, particularly the unusual elbow drop. Lisowski does steer around the ball a bit like Trump, although not so pronounced.

A player who reminds me of Ronnie's elbow movements is the Chinese prodigy Jiang Jun, who won the World U18 in 2019, aged 13. But he's still developing and might well make some technical changes as he grows.

Re: Ronnie's cue action!

Postby vodkadiet1