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technology to help replace balls

Postby LDS

Regarding this miss rule and technology slow-downs while replacing the balls, I've wondered for many years why they don't set up a cat's toy laser system above the table which connects to the computer that shows where the balls were.

Replace the balls? Beam-spot shows the exact location

Or is this more complicated that it sounds?

Re: technology to help replace balls

Postby HappyCamper

the system they've used in china, where they use the top down camera and ball positions overlayed seems good. they should just use that rather then reinvent the wheel.

Re: technology to help replace balls

Postby Prop

It comes down to money.

The system (now only seen in China as far as I know) is/was known as Hawk-Eye. It was in use in the WC (possibly UK and Masters) before things changed. You’ll see it in action in matches from or before around 2010; the CGI view of the table and balls with the ability to view certain angles, ‘move around’ the table, and even see how Hawk-Eye would play a shot.

It was costly, and it was cut from UK tournaments some time around 2011 if memory seves. The technology wasn’t something owned by World Snooker... rather paid for.

Back to the original question. The ability to overlay balls for the purpose of fast and accurate ball replacement is a function of the same Hawk-Eye technology. So that’s what you’re seeing in China. The technology is available, but WST decided it wasn’t worth the money.

Re: technology to help replace balls

Postby badtemperedcyril

Empire State Human wrote:
badtemperedcyril wrote:I don’t think you can replace balls.

Call me old fashioned but snooker without balls, just wouldn't work.

The crowd seemed to like it.


ESH, that is awesome! How did you do it?

I noticed that Werbeniuk and David Taylor had balls on their table next door...


Re: technology to help replace balls

Postby Empire State Human

Um, well, first I imported the original 147 video into ... Windows Movie Player.

Then I opened the chromakey menu and picked the ... the 'no balls' option ... :|

And then, er... who am I kidding? I've no idea how to do that. That isn't my video. :-)