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Who is the greater player?

Poll ended at 23 Nov 2020

John Higgins
Horace Lindrum
Total votes : 24

ATWSC Group F: John Higgins v Horace Lindrum

Postby Pink Ball

John Higgins v Horace Lindrum (Best of 20 frames)
Group: F
Date: November 22
Match: One of six
Match day: One of three
Venue: The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Vote for which of the two players you think was greater. Vote honestly, and leave your bias out of it. Don’t vote for a player just because you like them, don’t vote against a player just because you dislike them.

Consider the table conditions to be whatever conditions would have the least impact on the result.

You can use your own personal criteria for measuring greatness once it’s free of any bias towards/against (delete as applicable) players you like/dislike (delete as applicable).

Re: ATWSC Group F: John Higgins v Horace Lindrum

Postby badtemperedcyril

Horace was immensely gifted and made a huge contribution to snooker globally - probably the most travelled player ever. He is usually regarded as a renegade for the farcical circumstances in which he won the world championship. His two great opportunities to win it authentically were 1936 and 37 when he contested two close and memorable finals against Joe. It was a big thing for him to come to England though in 1935, aged only 23 - a six week voyage in those days. He was also carrying the weight of the Lindrum family expectation, which was quite a burden.

Here's the card from the 1937 WC from another thread...