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All-time World Snooker Championship - Group C

Group C (Played-Wins-Draws-Losses-Frames won-Frames lost-Frame difference-Points)
Stephen Hendry: 3-3-0-0-33-1-32-9
Alex Higgins: 3-2-0-1-22-25--3-6

Terry Griffiths: 3-0-1-2-18-32--14-1
John Parrott: 3-0-1-2-17-32--15-1

Fixtures (Best of 20 frames)
November 21: Stephen Hendry 11-1 Terry Griffiths (Goffs, Kill)
November 21: John Parrott 7-11 Alex Higgins (Assembly Rooms, Derby)
November 26: Stephen Hendry 11-0 John Parrott (The Hexagon, Reading)
November 26: Alex Higgins 11-7 Terry Griffiths (Tower Circus, Blackpool)
December 1: Alex Higgins 0-11 Stephen Hendry (The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield)
December 1: Terry Griffiths 10-10 John Parrott (Camkin’s Hall, Birmingham)
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Re: ATWSC Group C

Postby SnookerEd25

LDS wrote:Parrott is missing a point

the point of John Parrott is to make blindingly obvious statements in a chirpy scouse accent. <ok>

Re: ATWSC Group C

Postby Pink Ball

LDS wrote:Really tough group for a 1st round, truth be told, both Parrott and Griffiths would have been shoe-ins in other groups.

Yeah, real ball-crusher of a group. The winner was a shoe-in, but very tight for second. I fancied Higgins, but could have gone any way.