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Re: Yan Bingtao

Postby TheSaviour

The Chinese invasion seems unavoidable now. Ronnie can´t hold them much longer.

(30 years from now on, perhaps).

Neil Robertson has now lost his last three matches; Mark Allen, Ben Woollaston, Ben Woollaston.

The old guard actually were highly skillfull amongs the pink, something which is a must if fancing to have a solidly great career. The old guard, the old fools like Dennis Taylor or Ray Reardon. If they only would have a patient to rally a few more safety-shots before attacking a (too dif) long red.. Well, Ray, my understanding is, was able to do that also!

Ronnie can be a top-5 player even when he´s a 75 years old. He still isn´t as good John Higgins, but John is his own worst enemy. Well it wasn´t that much bad now; 4-0 against two "opponents". Only Junhui got better of him, Ronnie wouldn´t had. Against Junhui it is playing against a machine.

Jimmy Robertson. Auuuuuuu, Auuuuuuu. I´m Jimmy, bongo bongo. I am Jimmy. Me Jimmy, you Ng. Auuuuuuu !!! Bongo bongo. I am Jimmy. Auuuuuuu !!! Can´t get past Matthew Stevens, neva neva.

Ng is a female Ding, my understing is. A fragile, fragile nature, yet awfully machinery-like amongs the balls. Ng has a good position now. Ng can do something amongs the balls, so the skills are there. Yet she´s not Chinese.

James Cahill an anothet awfully, awfully skillfull amongs the pink. The best I have yet seen. He´s just slightly arrogant at the mo, but we all can take it. He actually deserves just that.

So where´s Kyren now? Or Gary? Or Dominic Dale? Basically, the safety-game solely just isn´t just now anymore good enough, not even close so..

COME ON RONNIE !! Show Ding what you are made of! The age is no problem to Ronnie, he runs like a maniac and downs orange lemonade down at the pub after those runs.. Great. 75 years of old won´t be his problem. Something else now is. The likes of that Ding has now beaten John Higgins twice, AND that´s something Junhui can actually finally to take the positives out of that! So, COME ON RONNIE!!!!!!!! An underdog now, as far as I can see it, and Ronnie would

Ronnie. Just a few MORE safeties first. Then the long red. Not too difficult one! You…… And then. Just use your trademark skills amongs the pink. Junhui can do the same, but you ain´t any fragile. Something else you can be yes, but.

No buts.

It was that much predictable results first. But then. Not much but some. He hee.

Joke. No.


Re: Yan Bingtao

Postby Prop

Bongo bongo.

Re: Yan Bingtao

Postby Ck147

Saviour, please don't remind me of Robbo's losses...thanks :)