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BBC short lived idea - Bring it back?

Postby shanew48

Talking of Shokat Ali from another thread, does anyone else remember when the BBC tried out a new way of interviewing when Steve Davis would stop the winner of a match literally just as they walked behind the curtain? The tournament was the 1998 LG cup when Ali beat John Parrot 5-1 and Ali was interviewed just after he came off the stage.

This idea of interviewing the winning player was a short lived experiment that didn't last long, the thing is, I think it would have been far better to grab the loser of the match and see what they have to say literally seconds after a defeat, now that would give you some good TV! if they had tried it in this years WC after Ronnie beat Selby I think Selby might have gone further and accused Ronnie of being "disrespectful to the world" as opposed to just him and the game of snooker!

Anywhere the link is below, as you can imagine parrot doesn't look very happy in the background, lets see what he has to say!

(the interview starts from 51.04 onwards in the link below)

Re: BBC short lived idea - Bring it back?

Postby Andre147

Rob Walker already does that for the BBC right after the match ends, even with the loser sometimes.

It doesn't happen always, but I've seen him do it for BBC on many occasions.