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Re: Snooker room with modular/ prefabricated homes

Postby rekoons

mslscorpion wrote:I am thinking to build a snooker room with such fabricated house (
Has anyone done such a thing before with fabricated houses?
How effective they are for snooker room requirements?
Cost effective compared to traditional building?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

No experience with that. I had a quick look at their website, seems you would need to go for the 9 x 6 m option, because you would like at least 5 x 7 m internal space.

Starting price for that is $29.000 which is an awful lot compared to traditional buiding if you do most of it yourself.

For reference: I've built an 8 x 5.5 m traditional timber garden snooker shed last year in 3 months time start to finish. Done everything ourselves except the concrete slab. concrete + all materials + used table installation comes in just over a third of that price. No doubt you could do it even cheaper if you do the laborious and time consuming job of digging the foundation, discharging the soil and pouring the concrete yourself because that was a big cost.