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Postby Dan-cat

O’Sullivan spends a lot of time thinking about the white ball. He has
come to believe that the quality of the initial contact between his
chalked, pressed-leather cue tip and the phenolic-resin
sphere—the momentary grip, the transfer of energy and intent—is
what decides everything else. If the white responds, he will not
lose. “You’re using force,” he said, after making his tea. “You’re
using your hands. You’re creating. You’re making that white dance"

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Postby SnookerFan

Dan-cat wrote:This is an absolutely brilliant read and I'm surprised I haven't read it, being the Ronnie archivist that I am.

Thanks dude :-D

In Ronnie's tree.


Re: Article on Ronnie

Postby Dan-cat

The author's obsession with topspin and how Ronnie uses it, is a strange and inaccurate thread running through this article.

'He pulled out of risky shots. He lost the conviction necessary for topspin.'

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Postby TheSaviour

Obviously I am now talking about only the cue ball control during the break-building:

Nothing to do with the age but during the time he was a more convincing snooker player. It is not possible anyone to anything else than, considering the table time they all have received, hopeless with the cue ball control or an absolutely incredible.

The only difference I have ever gather is R McLeod. He plays a very, very sensible and reasonable cue ball controls all the way, obviously as IT (not he..) is reasonable it must be RELATIVELY hopeless also. But not much hopeless as someone like Ronnie might, have and will be. Rory also thoughts a lot and fancies a lot.

Ronnie just at time tries to hide with those "angry" long efforts.

He also has his serious flaws. But it is still natural, as trust me, it is not possible to be anything else than that.

Yeah! Anyone can be flawless with the cue ball while playing the safety-battles. I would nominate D Dale, G Wilson, M Selby and probably a few others also to BASICALLY to be just that. INTERESTING to see if Stephen Hendry now fancies to come back of being just that also! Might work!

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