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Memories and Thoughts Series - Thread 3 1946-47

Postby chengdufan

There have been some really enjoyable reads in the first two threads of this series and I've learnt a lot about players who before were simply names on a page to me. Tremendous thanks to those islanders who have contributed.

In thread 3, we'll look at players born in 1946, which was somewhat of a golden year for snooker as it produced 7 future top pros. I guess snooker loving mums and dads needed to get down to business after the war years.
We'll also look at 3 players who were born in 1947.

For the first time in the series, I have some personal memories of a couple of these players, which I'll share tomorrow.

Jim Meadowcroft (1946-2015) (England) highest end of season rank '15' 1976-77
Ian Anderson (b.1946) (Australia) '21' 1976-77
Jim Donnelly (b.1946) (Scotland) '29' 1981-82
David Greaves (1946-2019) (England) '31' 1980-81
John Virgo (b.1946) (England) '10' 1978-79
Paul Mifsud (b.1946) (Malta) '49' 1983-84
Silvino Francisco (b.1946) (South Africa) '10' 1986-87
Bill Werbeniuk (1947-2003) (Canada) '8' 1982-83
Murdo McLeod (b.1947) (Scotland) '22' 1985-86
Terry Griffiths (b.1947) (Wales) '3' 1980-81

Re: Memories and Thoughts Series - Thread 3 1946-47

Postby Muller

Ian Anderson was a regular in the Australian team in the team classics of the early 1980s I believe? I used to enjoy those!

Murdo was in the Scottish team. They struggled to field top players in those pre Hendry days!