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Break from life: 50 break

Postby rekoons

In this video some practice routines or challenges are offered that should help improve your standard to a 30, 40 and 50 break player.

The first two, and 'easiest', challenges to get to the '30 break level' are to pot 30 consecutive blacks from where the white finishes, and similarly 30 consecutive pinks, but not twice in a row in the same pocket.

What are you opinions on the difficulty of these challenges?

Personally I think they're very, very challenging, and are for players well past regular 30 break stage.

I found it not so easy to pot 10 consecutive blacks, let alone 10 pinks. Couldn't get past 7 pinks when trying for 15 minutes...

Curious to hear what others think of it, or how many they can pot.

Re: Break from life: 50 break

Postby andywmanc

Yes... I agree. The first challenge of 30 blacks is certainly tricky! It takes some control to hold for the next one if you come to high on it. I've just had about 2 hours having a crack at it, I got to 21 at best and lost the white.... I did find I was getting better as time went on though. With some more practise I feel it is possible.... but certainly will take some precision (and luck)!

Not tried the pink yet but I imagine that will be trickier. Still, enjoying the challenge and I am sure it will make me more relaxed on the black in matches as I was getting my eye in after the repetition.

Have you managed this since your original post?


Re: Break from life: 50 break

Postby Running side

Excellent content on his channel, makes the game look easy,tried a few of his drills mate said I look 1qqqq¹like Benny off Croosroads.q

Re: Break from life: 50 break

Postby Dragonfly

I got a handful of 50 breaks about 25 years ago. These days my heart starts pounding at the prospect of making a 25. No amount of coaching will make me improve now. There's always pool but I'm in decline at that too!