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Break from life: 50 break

Postby rekoons

In this video some practice routines or challenges are offered that should help improve your standard to a 30, 40 and 50 break player.

The first two, and 'easiest', challenges to get to the '30 break level' are to pot 30 consecutive blacks from where the white finishes, and similarly 30 consecutive pinks, but not twice in a row in the same pocket.

What are you opinions on the difficulty of these challenges?

Personally I think they're very, very challenging, and are for players well past regular 30 break stage.

I found it not so easy to pot 10 consecutive blacks, let alone 10 pinks. Couldn't get past 7 pinks when trying for 15 minutes...

Curious to hear what others think of it, or how many they can pot.