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Break from life: cue action trainer phone app

Postby rekoons

Tried this yesterday, worked really well attaching the phone on the cue with masking tape.

My ‘left/right’ and ‘up/down’ motion % scores were always in the 90’s, but ‘rotation of cue’ always dramatically low in the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s.

After tinkering around for 5 minutes I found I could raise the rotation stat to 70’s and 80’s when focusing on a smoother start of the cue delivery. Thus going better through the white instead of hitting at it. And apparently twisting my wrist less?

After removing the phone, the cue felt light and cueing felt ‘easier’ just as described at the end of the video.

tried some long straightish pots, blue of the spot with white around green spot, and even managed to pot 7 consecutive blues :dizzy: which is my best ever. don't know what to think of it.

Just a fun thing to do, you can even practice at home with this.

Re: Break from life: cue action trainer phone app

Postby Prop

I watched this. It’s promising, and there’s definitely something in it if they can get the app to show whether you’re cueing specifically left or right off the centre line, rather than just telling you you’re off the line.

Also the big problem, taping your phone to your cue. If they can develop a small hardware attachment that has all the gyroscopic function the app needs, and perhaps just slots onto the butt of the cue, that’d be a real solution. I’m sure there’s already tech out there that’d do the job. Just have the gyroscopic sensor housed in a little unit like a bottle top that sits on the end of the cue. It shouldn’t be so heavy that it affects your stroke, and you won’t have to grip the cue in a different place. Get it to communicate with the app on your phone. Job done.

At the minute it’s hard to see past it as just a gimmick, but with those changes it could be a truly innovative tool.