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footygirl wrote:
wheelsofsteel wrote:
footygirl wrote:Do you have to be so rude

I wasn't being rude. You were overstating your importance when you said you were there doing a job for me. I merely pointed out you were not.

I was referring to the people who read snooker island in general- and if you have a problem with me I think it is best we take this indoors by the PM rather than having digs at me in public

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Suzy's diary - Day 11

Yay to the Crucible today for me. And I am out of bed in good time and off to the Theatre arriving at just after nine. What a day as Barry Hearn arrives for a press conference. We even get Champagne as well - and believe it or not it is the first glass of champagne I have ever had.

On the table Ding is in better form than Selby and leads 5-3 with the eagerly anticipated clash between Higgins and O'Sullivan ends locked at 4-4. Meanwhile Graeme Dott endures a torrid time at the hands of Judd Trump and trails 7-1 and then 11-5 going into the final session. Still the Scotsman though continued to fight and came within seven balls of a magical maximum. Mark Williams is in ominous form and converts a 5-3 lead into a 11-5 overnight advantage. Could be a brief afternoon session tomorrow if tonights fare is anything to go by.

So an early finish - but tomorrow the quarter finals will be completed and we will know the identity of the four men who remain in contention for the honour of being world champion

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footygirl wrote: ... and believe it or not it is the first glass of champagne I have ever had.


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Suzy's Diary - Day 12

Day 12 at The Crucible and the conclusion of the quarter finals. As enquiries in the press room are made as to whether members want to go bowling. Yours truly declines as she has reports and a diary to do. Plus I would like to get to bed at something approaching a sensible hour.

What can you say about the quarter finals. Two reach a swift conclusion as Judd Trump sails through against Graeme Dott and Mark Williams proves too strong for Mark Allen- those matches each having a 13-5 scoreline.

But boy the night session was fantastic as Higgins finally manages to subdue Ronnie O'Sullivan 13-10 and then about an hour later Ding Junhui finally sees off Mark Sleby - after withstanding a gritty fightback from the Leicester man.

Oh and what was that about a football match - some random teams from Spain in the Champions League playing each other- forget that - this had more excitement than those two.
And as the arena is transformed into a one table venue then we have our final four. And this is the line up.

Judd Trump v Ding Junhui
John Higgins v Mark Williams

One finalist will make their debut in the final and will line up against a former wpion.

Off to bed - need some sleep

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Suzy's Diary - Day 13

Semi finals day - and yippee I get a sleep in this morning -Prized myself out of my bed when hearing the dreaded "W" word. Keep it clean people! The word in question is wedding!

If that mound of fairy floss fiction finds it's way on to a TV near me tomorrow I will not be a happy girl!

Semi finals update and both matches are nicely poised at 5-3. Trump playing well, but Ding is not out of this at all - maybe suffering a little after the late night finish against Selby ! we'll see

And we all

going to be tight between Higgins and Williams and it is the Welshman who holds the advantage- two centuries thought to Higgins.

Oh and Sonny was in town and certainly made his presence clear as he and his friend were sporting Snooker Island tee shirts- guys that was blatent advertising!!!

And I still can't win a competition in the press room lol

Suzy Jardine - The Crucible

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Suzy's Diary - Day 14

Semi finals today and oh there is also some random couple getting married too. Never mind about that - somewhere down in London I believe. Didn't get an invite - so I am not that bothered.

And a friend from the Emerald Isle arrives in the press room and proceeds to play a certain "pop" song on his compjuter - no names no pack drill, but this is a snooker I am sure you can all make an inspired guess. Should Take That worry too much - maybe not

And yours truly gets a bottle of wine too. Thankyou - looks good stuff

What a session Judd Trump pulls himself back into the semi final with some classy snooker and is tied at 12-12, and Higgins and Williams look like they are in for a nailbiter too.

Oh well quiz time - talking to CJ deMooi has warmed the little grey cells up

Time to thump the guys at this

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Suzy's Diary - Day 14

What a day at The Crucible- a rollercoaster of a match that sees Judd Trump - a man who started out as a 33-1 outsider for the title subduing the challenge of Ding Junhui- and plenty of interesting reactions in the press room from members of the Chinese media - who it is fair to say ran the full gamut of emotions before Ding lost.

Yours truly ended up leading Ding's Press Conference- and I think I did a decent job of it as well.

And throught to went John Higgins who got the better of Mark Williams in a tough encounter that really turned when Higgins outplayed the Welshman this morning before completing victory tonight.
So to the final and it is the auld firm. England v Scotland. And yes one of my picks for the last four has made the final. Don't know how I do it.

Off for a drink