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Re: Top 16 player O'Sullivan plans to retire

Postby SnookerFan

Badsnookerplayer wrote:
SnookerFan wrote:Why are even discussing this?

Ronnie says he's going to retire. What next? Barry Hearn says something arrogant?

Bong. News at ten.

Sorry for posting. :sad:

I forgive you.

Re: Top 16 player O'Sullivan plans to retire

Postby vodkadiet1

Iranu wrote:
vodkadiet1 wrote:
Ck147 wrote:
vodkadiet1 wrote:Being hairy is no fun when it starts going grey and you spend ages trying to navigate the black hair to pluck the grey out. And shaving back hair is very time consuming. I would suggest laser treatment.

I used to get my missus to do mine, given up on it so I get called Chewie now.

A real gem your missus. I know a young guy who gets his girlfriend to shave his armpits! Now that is out of order!!

That’s just stupid. Shaving your armpits isn’t that hard.

I know. That is why it is ridiculous. If they are shaved regularly it takes about a minute.

No doubt she is always on top in the bedroom!