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New online magazine

Postby SnookerEd25

Perhaps to take the edge off the potential demise of Snooker Scene, a new online mag is being launched tomorrow.

I received this email today :

A new online cue sports magazine is launched tomorrow and because you follow Snooker Legends you can get it each month for FREE! Yes no catch and no clauses. All you do is click on and enter your name and email and it will drop in your inbox.

The first issue will have exclusive Ronnie videos, a pool interview with George Tierney, Rodney Goggins column remembering a great match as well as free coaching videos from a coach to a top 8 world snooker player.

With articles and links to all things cue sports its truly a great opportunity to get it fro free and help support the people trying to launch the first ever monthly cue sports magazine. Here at Snooker Legends we are giving them lots of content, it would help to get this out there so please share and sign up.

Not sure how 'exclusive' the Ronnie videos will be - hope it's not just his message to the Chinese!
Anyway, might help to kill another hour of the lockdown... :-(

Re: New online magazine

Postby SnookerEd25

Dan-cat wrote:Snooker Scene hasn't died, it's on hold pending any Snooker action to report on.

The Chalk does look good!! thanks dude :-)

That's why I said 'potential' demise. I hope it does return - I may even buy the odd copy if it does. :-D