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Re: Robbo drives to wrong Barnsley and has to forfeit

Postby Ck147

Been away for work last couple of weeks and slowly catching up on what I've missed - wouldn't have bothered posting this if I'd read the other post where you guys were talking about it a couple of days ago first.

Blunder from down under

Re: Robbo drives to wrong Barnsley and has to forfeit

Postby Ck147

Don't think he's affected the professionalism of the game but sure has made himself look like a muppet. (Coming from a Robbo fan.)

Re: Robbo drives to wrong Barnsley and has to forfeit

Postby TheSaviour

Yeh, Robbo is massive threat to Murphy-Ronnie cue ball controll lol.




Mind you, I really would like to have my rather jubilant and classical-type of a snookerisland-status back! I used to like it; Your favourite TheSaviour-posts, all those "How are you doing, are you allright?" - private messages etc etc.... Used to be good times. Now we only have these modern smart-looking experts all what is left. And that´s not much, tbh.


How threatining times those used be. Who Shaun Murphy??? Why is Saviour consistently mentioning him along Ronnie O´Sullivan as a biggest draw of the sport???

Did someone mentioned Cahill about the real future and the present of the sport? WAS IT THE SAME LAD WHO ALSO MENTIONED BULMAN.


The greatest argument of the all; just the same shirts and jackets and you are the same person as TheSaviour. Absolutely nothing else required. Absolutely nothing else. Wellllllllllll, except of course spamming the bridge etc etc etc.

But some great modern news also now available! They ALL are now on the learning curve! They do know now what they shouldn´t do. They still don´t know what they should do, but they do now learn what they at least shouldn´t do. Mind you, TheSaviour still is someone who they just for some reason want´s to still be there. Welllllllllll, neither of them fancies that Stuart Bingham among the many others would feel down and bad about his tattoos, of which he even shouldn´t have at the first Place. TheSaviour along and with Ronnie ´Sullivan is the man who can make those to dissapear. They ALL wan´t me to stay alive.

But will Vladimir Putin finally going to rescue the history of the world? Which now basically isn´t counting anymore. Will VP finally make his move. Or will it be Donald Trump who will make the move? Even the good old TheSaviour would then finally gain at least some kind of a normal status, no matter downer it ever would be then.

But the greatest claim of all; if just arguing and claiming just, and that´s just just something, just something, so consistenly, perhaps with a great language skills, then all the people would finally start to believe it is some kind a magical truth! There is no such a thing as just labelling. There, if just using some great language skills also, just can be found the truth. Absolutely nothing to do with just claiming something.

If Anthony McGill also or Stuart Bingham would just start to claim something, would it also start to count as a reality? The truth, the reality, realisim. All must be there. Absolutely nothing to do with just labelling and claming. So consistently. Can´t be. Can´t be.

TheSaviour has argued something about the lack of the REAL truth with all in for the last 15 years. Will WE beat him? Can we beat him? By and via using his own slightly unreal weapons.......??

Re: Robbo drives to wrong Barnsley and has to forfeit

Postby hendry_fan

vodkadiet1 wrote:
Vallomas wrote:TWITTER ATTACK!


I am surprised there is no ranker in Scraptoft. It sounds like a great place to spend an early week in February.

SCRAPTOFT. rofl rofl rofl

The intrestin village does have a golf club tbf. :roll: <laugh>