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Barry Hawkins in boating accident

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Barry Hawkins has revealed that a fractured rib suffered in a boating accident has resulted in a painful and disjointed start to the new snooker season. It is a quiet part of the season after the World Championship in May, but there were qualifiers for the Riga Masters and the International Championship to play in June. The irregular action is difficult enough to deal with for professionals that are used to almost weekly tournaments, but it was all the more tricky taking them on with a nasty injury. ‘The season’s a little bit funny at the moment,’ Hawkins told ‘We had that qualifying and then it was a bit hard to get motivated, knowing that we had another five or six weeks off afterwards. ADVERTISING ‘I didn’t qualify for Riga at the end of this month so it’s a little bit stop start and I couldn’t play anyway because I fractured a rib when I was on holiday in the Norfolk Broads on a boat.

' I got onto the boat, I wasn’t even drunk, but I came onto the boat and missed the last step and went over and smashed my side on something. ‘It’s only just getting better and that was five weeks ago. So I wasn’t able to practice or play at all really, I just turned up.’ The injury explains the surprise 4-1 defeat suffered at the hand of Jamie O’Neill in the Riga qualifiers, while Hawkins battled through the pain to beat Jimmy White 6-3 to qualify for the International Championship. ‘I got through the one I really wanted to get through in,’ continued the world number nine. ‘Obviously I’d have liked to get through them both, but Riga is a smaller event than China so I didn’t really want to miss that one. ‘I scraped through really, played Jimmy White and it wasn’t pretty but I scraped through. It’s painful getting over the table with it, I hadn’t really picked up my cue beforehand, I was lucky Jimmy wasn’t playing that well. ‘It has hurt to breath a bit sometimes and six weeks later it’s still a bit tender. I just started playing again yesterday (2 Jul), and it feels I’ve never played before, it’s probably the longest gap I’ve had for a few years, it’s been strange. ‘But it has been nice, to be honest I haven’t missed it at all. It’s been really nice, I’d happily have another month off. Although we fly out to China end of next month so I’ve got to start playing.’ ... -10109565/

Re: Barry Hawkins in boating accident

Postby Ash147

SnookerFan wrote:
SteveJJ wrote:Robbed him of a world cup appearance too

Surely the most painful part of the experience.

Beast mode Barry would have won the World Cup on his own.

Re: Barry Hawkins in boating accident

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Badsnookerplayer wrote:Wonder if he will be fit for the MASTers

HA ha ha

I’m sure he will. He should be fit at least for the UK ChampionSHIP.