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Is the future of snooker secure?

Postby Roland

I actually find myself agreeing with Lee Doyle (WSA board member). Snooker players by their very nature tend to want to just play the game and not get involved in the politics but when you are in a profession like this it is up to you to take an interest in the political side because it will directly affect you in future if you don't.

No one in any position of management likes whingers (I get sick of them in my job) because whingers are people who need things doing for them because they are incapable of looking after themselves.

Let's hope the new players union actually gets some positive things done and the vast majority of players get behind them proactively because they are in a position to do something.

Re: Is the future of snooker secure?

Postby MED

that is defiantly the case regarding the Altium deal 8 years ago. they didn't understand what was really happening and didn't look at the deal properly and the majority stuck with the WSA thinking as a players representative they had the players best interests at heart.

Re: Is the future of snooker secure?

Postby Casey

Yes oneball, sometimes you only get out what you put in.

Compare it to the film industry, actors are contractually obliged to market the films they are in, its part of their pay structure and or royalties.
Its in their benefit to promote the film, the better it does the more likely they are to get another commission and can ask for more money.

integrate this into snooker, part of the agreement of prize money means WS can call on any player participating (with appropriate notice) to do any required promotional work.

This could involve visiting area the event is staged, meet with potential sponsors and there is loads more that we can all think of. The players might not be over the moon at this but threat to pull the money and they will have no choice :bird:
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