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Hendry hits back at Higgins

Postby Roland

STEPHEN Hendry has hit back at criticism his recent decision to practise on his own is harming his career.

Fellow Scots star John Higgins believes the seven-times world champion is not doing himself any favours with his solitary training routine.

Higgins said: "If Stephen is feeling like he's going to the table and doesn't know how he's going to play it's a scary thought."

But Hendry, who faces defending champion Ronnie O'Sullivan in the Party Casino Premier League in Grimsby tonight, hit back by saying: "When I first started out I used to practise entirely on my own.

"It was only once other players began to frequent the club I played in that I found myself actually having practice partners as such, like Billy Snaddon, Alain Robidoux and even John himself.

"Latterly, Marco Fu and Stephen Maguire practised at Spencers but when the club closed I needed to find another place to practise - and doing so from home seemed the logical option.

"I do practise against other players from time to time - certainly there are enough who want to test themselves against me.

"But it's nice of John to show such concern for my well-being," ... -21764699/

Re: Hendry hits back at Higgins

Postby Wildey

i have a feeling this Article is taken out of context and although this line "But it's nice of John to show such concern for my well-being" looks like hes being sarcastic but im sure he had a smile on his face saying it.

Hendry has a dry sense of humor

but point is its good advice from john mix it up a bit Stephen what have you got to lose?

Re: Hendry hits back at Higgins

Postby Casey

John and Stephen are good friends, I don't think Stephen would have taken offence from what John said.