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Re: Kurt Maflin done for betting

Postby TheSaviour

What right now is essential is that everyone will immediately cut of all the diplomatic relationsips with Kurt Maflin.

No-one is looking or eying of an any kind of a revenge. It is just a common sense. And this comes from the top. It is an essiantial that everyone will immediately cut off all the relationships they would possible have with Kurt Maflin. He has done wrong.

He needs to be punished. He has did the right thing to admit it all. Which, to me, has been 100%. He has done it. He should not be hanged. But everyone needs to cut off all the diplomatic relationships with him. Again, no-one is looking a revenge of an any kind. Just a common sense. I just rushed in to the scene as I got the message. About Kurt.

Re: Kurt Maflin done for betting

Postby Badsnookerplayer

Yeah - on balance I have to agree with you Saviour. It would be harsh to hang him given that Joe Perry got a suspended ban but any more betting and I say string him up in the Hexagon Theatre.

Good point well made.

Re: Kurt Maflin done for betting

Postby PLtheRef

I think those ideas suggested in SnookerBacker's final paragraph make for interesting reading. As he rightly mentions, there is little or no room for any player to plead ignorance to the rules - Not anymore.

So the idea of these kind of breaches taking place begs the question that are the sanctions for such breaches severe enough?

In comparison to sanctions given for more serious offences - they might actually be consistent - but that may no longer be enough, given that it is almost becoming a 'riskworthy' sanction - given it is to be a betting rule breach and no manipulation of outcomes

In allowing players to bet within strict guidelines - the questions asked are, how strict are they? When can or cannot a player place a bet? In an event he has failed to qualify? Can he begin to bet in an event after he has been eliminated? Can he bet on an event he hasn't entered? Can he bet on events that he isn't eligible to compete in?

One question - Would it do snooker any good to "legitimise" something on the basis that the rules and or present sanctions don't prove to be enough of a deterrent?

I don't think it would (personally)

Re: Kurt Maflin done for betting

Postby Badsnookerplayer

I agree - once you become a pro, you have to leave the betting alone. Your goal is to earn at the table and any betting (no matter on which matches) invites suspicion on you and those involved in the match upon which you place a bet. Can't be good as you can directly influence other people.

Zero tolerance but I agree that recent punishments almost endorse betting by players.

Re: Kurt Maflin done for betting

Postby SnookerFan

There is a sense that World Snooker are almost not wanting to do anything about the gambling problems in snooker. They are too reliant on them for sponsorship money.