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Re: Burnett and Maguire Referred to prosecutors

Postby Bourne

The fact it was only three, in a BO17 match, certainly makes it plausible that Maguire wasn't involved. If everyone was piling into a 9-7 or a 9-8 scoreline, then yeh, dodgy as f*ck, both of them. But like wild said at the time, the scoreline that was getting the most predictions here was 9-3, because it was the most possible/likely ... Burnett in an ordinary match will almost always get at least 3 frames against Maguire, but he is more than capable of stopping before getting a 4th frame regardless of what Maguire did and that's what seemed to occur.

Re: Burnett and Maguire Referred to prosecutors

Postby gallantrabbit

3 frames isn`t a lot. 1 or 2 would be even more obvious. If you have any doubts about Burnett`s guilt watch the colours `clearance`he made to get to the black. Overhits, takes on silly shots and flukes the pink i believe. Didn`t even have the guts to wobble the black. IMO he`d intended to miss before the black but the fluke let him down... as charged m`lud. people are saying it`s so bad for the game but it`s good. Clean up is what we need.

Re: Burnett and Maguire Referred to prosecutors

Postby Smart

maybe, if they are both guilty, a double banning could work in the games favour and deter others from straying onto this path.....

Another thought is BH had been tipped off that the outcome from the police investigation was real bad hence he wanted the new disciplinary guy in to deal with the 2 players........

Plot thickens.