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Re: Rickety Walden on the mend

Postby TheSaviour


But you know what. the All problems like these just makes it visible, that it isn´t that much straightforward or easy to them either. So they are the humans too.

Which we probably already know Ronnie O´Sullivan been around for ages now rofl rofl .

A mind blowing to think that the 6reds starts on Monday! Rickey will probably struggle there to beat the likes of Michael White and Mark J Williams if it comes to that. But then, everyone will struggle there to beat Michael White now that he is confident too. He must be the no 1 favourite now. Certainly. He can pot the ball all day long. Which is something even the likes of Selby, Ronnie or Mark Williams will struggle to cope with. A many people laugh when speaking about it is only the last match that counts. But that´s the case with the many sports. So Ricky will probably be a little rusty first.

Ricky is a three time ranking title winner. That´s highly impressive. Although according by his own mention he has never threaned to set the world alight. The most important thing always was and probably still is "flying the flag". Let´s see what happens if he can get through to the first round proper. After that Round-Robin rubbish. It comes down to the just a one slightly overcooked cue ball control. If they have learned their lessons they will think if they should go to the one risky potting effort, only to decide to do something completely else. And is the case with everyone. Even with Michael White. That´s the way the Bangkok diaspora want´s them to play.