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Re: Ronnie O'Sullivan awkward interview after Preston win

Postby Andre147

I hadn't seen the first one, the 2nd I was the first to post it on the Last 32 thread.

Awkward is the right word, but that's all there is to it. If he feels he has no freedom of speech from WS, which he clearly hasn't, then him doing this comes as no surprise. We can agree or disagree with him about the ref, I disagree, but he's allowed to his opinion.

Iranu pointed out that Allen's remarks about Joyce were much worse and nothing was done about them.

Ronnie should be allowed to express his opinion as long as its not abusive, and he wasn't.

Re: Ronnie O'Sullivan awkward interview after Preston win

Postby TheSaviour

He came a little sniffing the atmosphere for the coming 15 Apr 2017 lol. Some strange people around there.

No offence towards Ryan Day or the other player but it only counts after Sheffield. When it is at least that race to 10s. Well, Ryan could also do it but he certainly should be at his absolute best. Not that Ronnie either would win but at least there will be some momentums and chances. Now it seems that during this facebook-era it works that much on a daily-basis. I mean about trying to get the "real rankings" sorted. Like he or she or that one sees it and counts it. Which always can be a slightly problematic. But only can. BUT SOME people are just trying to get it spot on. Which is hardly anything wrong. Well the real Ronnie hasn´t been seen since that Hawkins-match in Sheffield 2016, so I can digest even that interview, whatever he was on then.. :hyper:

Re: Ronnie O'Sullivan awkward interview after Preston win

Postby SnookerFan

We still on about this?

Non story. He's still turning up for matches, he's still fulfilling his contractual obligations. If he wants to say less because he feels it makes a point, let him.

Personally I've wanted him to say less in interviews for years.