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Snooker worldwide

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Just a few articles

From Daily News Egypt, EBSA Chair Maxime Cassis's view on snooker growth in Poland: ... airperson/

And (for those who didn't see it), World Snooker posted an article about the development of snooker in Finland:

Less good news if you're a snooker-playing Palestinian. Khaled Alastal talks to The Khaleej Times about how difficult it can be: ... lestinians

Whilst MOhamed Shehab expressed concern to Gulf News about the lack of new talent coming through in the UAE: ... lestinians

Article from Coast Week on the final of a multi-weekend event on Kenya's coast:

A couple of small tournaments in Fiji had the same winner, as reported by The Fiji Times:

And finally, results of the 2016 New Zealand Under 21 Snooker Championship - favourites were Louis Chand, Adam Lilley and Mikey Stewart, but one of them slipped up: ... eturnid=24

Re: Snooker worldwide

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Nepal Snooker tournament in Kathmandu – report from the Himalayan Times - ... ins-title/

In Pakistan, Babar Masih is the new No.1 ranked player – more here about his recent title win - ... oker-title -
And gere about gaining the No.1 ranking - ... er-ranking

Sargon Isaac is again the US Snooker Champion – article here: ... s-champion