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Ronnie wants to retire from Snooker for the 1000th time...

Postby Andre147

News just came in that Ronnie, for probably the 1000th time, has said that he will retire from professional Snooker after the World Champs.

Whether he does or not remains a mystery, but if he truly does it this time, I hope he goes out on a bang and wins the biggest title of them all, a bit like when Pete Sampras retired from Tennis in 2002 after winning the US Open. ... n-to-quit/

Re: Ronnie wants to retire from Snooker for the 1000th time.

Postby TheRocket

I don't see any real statement or announcement here to be honest and nothing new anyway. He's just saying it's hard to play the likes of Selby and Robertson week in and week out. And of course he's more relaxed and enjoying it when he's playing Jimmy in the exhibitions. He even said something similar during the Welsh Open and he's basicially just saying the obvious things.

But to be fair. The idea of retiring after you've won the World title and when you're still at the peak of your powers has always been something I liked. Rather this than playing another 5-10 years and getting beaten by the topplayers. Just look at Hendry. People have even forgotten how good he was as he played so badly in the later stages of his career. Someone like Federer in my eyes should have retired by now instead of getting humiliated by Djokovic all the time. I think, Nadal might do it this year to not get further humiliated by Djokovic.

So it'd be quite something if Ronnie retires after his sixth World title.

Re: Ronnie wants to retire from Snooker for the 1000th time.

Postby SnookerFan

Ronnie threatens to retire all the time. And kisses Jimmy's bottom a lot of the time too.

To be fair, this could almost have been cut and pasted from any interview Ronnie has ever done.

This would be like me saying that a commentator referred to Judd's Snooker as 'naughty', as an April Fool's Day gag. Okay, they might not have done it at the specific time I claimed it, but they do it often enough that it's hardly even a joke.

Re: Ronnie wants to retire from Snooker for the 1000th time.

Postby snooker_loopy

I don't mean this sound cynical but ROS won't quit snooker cos it pays too well. There's no reason for him to quit because it pays his lifestyle, the education of his kids etc. If his form dramatically dropped - as what happened with Stephen Hendry - then I'd imagine he'd quit but he's ranked no 6? Something like that. He's too highly ranked to quit. His 'I quit' routine is for attention. For all his natural ability and success I think he's a bit insecure and needs the attention.