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New mobile app for snooker

Postby miguel1979

Hi there!

A new app for snooker players has recently been placed into the Apple App Store. The app is called Snooker Byb. It's still in development, but the team needs the snooker community to take a look and give them some feedback. They are designing the app for you. The app lets you schedule snooker matches conveniently, and record breaks and scores.

The app is being designed for the community by snooker enthusiasts like you, it's not some sort of a corporate product. So, give it a try!

Take a look here:

If you are willing to help - sign up for their "ambassador program" -


Re: New mobile app for snooker

Postby Dan-cat

awesome!! It's exactly what my friend and I need. We have a long running rivalry and sometimes a match for our prized Shield that we had made can last over several weeks and we forget the scores. Like this week for example. He's convinced it's 4 - 2 to him, and I'm convinced it's 4 - 1 to him (Best of 9) - see, we are decent to each other and wouldn't try to parakeet but this kind of mistake is annoying :)