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Re: RIP Jim Meadowcroft

Postby Dan-cat

AC or LT? wrote:

Former director of WS, world number 12 and commentator on the final session of that 1985 world final has passed away aged 68

Lovely article thank you - particularly the old newspaper cutting embedded. Interesting that the Hurricane was favourite for that UK. I wonder what year that was?

Re: RIP Jim Meadowcroft

Postby gallantrabbit

Jason Ferguson said he was the first pro he saw play. True for me too, though at Pontins. I'll be quite honest, he was f*****n awful. Couldn't put 50 toether in an exhibition...but he had a fair bit of banter and made up for it.
One of those fellow from yesteryear we tend to forget. Nice geezer it seemed. Shame.

Re: RIP Jim Meadowcroft

Postby keyplayer

First pro I ever saw too, in a local exhibition sometime around 1977. Don't remember that much about the evening but he stayed in town overnight and played in our club for a few hours the next afternoon, when he was amazing - and a really nice guy.