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Snooker feature film "Perfect Break" want to be part of it?

Postby hellcatchris

Hi Everyone,

We are currently shooting a a snooker feature film with Jimmy White and John Virgo and would like to offer your forum members the chance to come along to be part of the film in the final snooker scenes.

The forum members would be in a scene as the spectators watching the final, Alfie Burden will be the player on that day (along with the actors) we have already shot Jimmy White and John Virgo.

The location is in Feltham, Middlesex, UK, Weds 14th October, start time 10am, parking free, refreshments throughout the day.

Because seats are limited we would need each person to contact us, if we gave the full location address out we might be swamped with people and would have to turn some away.

Please contact:

You can find more information on IMDB

Once again thanks for taking the time to read this.

Chris Thomas