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Snooker Sceney - Hearn Reveals Plans for World Domination

Postby Cheesyman99

From: Snooker Sceney

Barry Hearn has revealed his plans for the World (of snooker) and plans that within 2 years every day will have a Tournament and there will be at least 3 tournaments held on the Moon each season.

He told the press (Me, Steve Davis, His Mum) that he has plans which will stun the Snooker world.

He says getting rid of journeyman is a tough problem, but says anyone over the age of 40 with no hair and wrinkles must win all their matches in the season to stay on the tour. However Jimmy White and Steve Davis will receive permanent wildcards.
He also claimed Sir Rodney Walker has been found after escaping to the Himalayas and will receive a suitable punishment for his poor management of the game.

Expanding the game is one of Hearn's main priorities and he says he's found plenty of suitable venues to hold tournaments. He said:
"I recently flew back by Private Jumbo Jet from South Georgia. There's definitely some potential there. I've also found large fan bases in Iraq, Guatemala and Neptune.

Asked about the problem of not having any characters on the tour anymore, Hearn responded saying he already has plans. "I've set up a cloning device for Ronnie. Next season I hope to have at least 2o Ronnie O'Sullivan's on the tour. I'm pretty sure Ronnie v Ronnie will draw in the crowds and that is what has to be achieved.

Fortunately, Hearn confirmed he will not be bringing back the Bahrain Championship.

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