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Eirian Williams retires

Postby Andre147

Referee Eirian Williams, 59, has retired from refereeing professional matches, according to World Snooker. Not being one of my favourites refs, especially because of that Final between MJW and Selby at the Shanghai Masters when he made a strange decision in an important frame, it's certainly sad to hear he's retiring.

All the best for him and his family. ... 83,00.html

Re: Eirian Williams retires

Postby Wildey

He made the right decision in the Final of the Shanghai Masters. Mark Williams didn't like the decision and made a fuss because hes not used to seeing Refs make Judgement calls.

Also not one of my favorite refs but i hope he enjoys retirement after many years serving snooker

Re: Eirian Williams retires

Postby Roland

I don't know why anyone has a problem with him, he's been an outstanding referee for a long time and it's sad news. I wish him all the best in retirement.

He didn't make a "strange decision" in the Shanghai final, he thought he made the right decision because he called a foul and then on seeing the replay realised it wasn't a foul so corrected himself. The controversy came because action replays aren't usually shown to referees in snooker and it just so happened the replay was shown to everyone in the arena and he spotted it.