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Ronnie's ES Blog

Postby Andre147

Here comes another piece of Ronnie's blog on Eurosport: ... 45489.html

Glad he is competing at the Paul Hunter Classic given he is defending champ after all.

And despite some pretty poor excuses in the past, it's clear he doesn't like the travelling that much, but nowadays I'm just happy that if he does enter an event, he then plays it, without withdrawing at the last minute.

If he does play in everything he says he will it should be a good season for him tournaments wise, hopefully with a few trophies along the way like last season.

Would love if he won his 5th UK Champs, he hasn't won that for donkey doo years (2007) and when the UK comes around he always seems flat and without much motivation. Hopefully he will be fully fit for the UK Champs this season.