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Re: Lucky Break's John Rae to manage Maguire

Postby TheSaviour

I agree what John says about Maguire´s ability and potential. And with this case, it´s just not empty words. Stephen certainly is a tremendously gifted snooker player.
What I think could suit well for Stephen, is trying to play like Ronnie 5, 6,7 or so years ago. I mean turning down almost all the long pots and just to concentrate playing a quality safety shots. And then when the scoring opportunity arises, either from opponents unsuccesfull long pot effort or an easy long red via quality safety playing, then obviously having an abilty to score big and great breaks. Ronnie did that during that time, and I was a really, really impressed and fashinated with that type of playing then. Was it a Ray Reardon Ronnie´s coach during that time.

Re: Lucky Break's John Rae to manage Maguire

Postby Wildey

“I’ll be with him at all of the big tournaments — the World Championships, the British Open, the Benson and Hedges and others. - See more at: ... 1aBIj.dpuf

British Open and Benson and Hedges?

Where the bloody hell has he been hiding for the last 10 years

John Rea was the 7th player to make a competitive 147 and the 1st Scottish player to do it.