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Digital magazine for snooker and pool enthusiasts

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Digital magazine for snooker and pool enthusiasts prepares launch

LONDON - Snookered, a free monthly digital magazine aimed at all levels of snooker and pool players, is to launch in August.

Snookered: digital magazine for snooker and pool fans
It will be presented as a digital turning page magazine and be distributed via email and mobile as well as being available at a yet-to-launch website and through social networks.

Snookered is the brainchild of Chris Haill, who has commercial publishing experience from roles including ad manager on Quantum Business Media's Pub Food magazine and inserts manager for Future Publishing.

Haill said: "Cue sports in this country are huge. Over five million play in some sort of capacity every week. I wanted to bring about a lifestyle/cue sports publication for a mass audience."

Snookered will be delivered to 250,000 email addresses, including around 180,000 members of snooker and pool club chain Riley's, which will also take advertising in the magazine.

Editorial will be "humorous, edgy and informative" and include consumer product news pages covering the latest mobiles, gadgets, games, films and music.

The target audience is 18- to 50-years-old and in the ABC1-C2 demographics.

Haill created the company D&C Media to publish Snookered and has already set up a Snookered Facebook group ... 8041400742 to promote the magazine.